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In October 2006, Version 2 Limited launched the《Founder Font 4.0》Version. As the business between Hong Kong and various industries in China are getting more frequent, the new version has newly added 53 characters of simplified Chinese, other than the original 24 characters of traditional Chinese.《Founder Font 4.0》has numerous fonts, its elegance and various font styles can meet different requirements, it is the best choice for making large sized posters, banners, board designs;《Founder Font 4.0》is suitable for different industries, such as schools, publishers, design house, home users, and comic production house etc. Also, to meet the commonly used font in Hong Kong, 《Founder Font 4.0》 provides18,162 Chinese characters in large font size and supports the supplement characters used in Hong Kong (HKSCS), being capable enough to handle documentary work like teaching, making PowerPoint and working reports etc. 《Founder Font 4.0》also supports BIG5 and Unicode, it can be installed in Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP platforms. There is no doubt that Microsoft Office 2000 / XP adopted the large font library of Founder Font! It is commonly used in Hong Kong’s enterprises and organizations, at the same time, currently 80% of the Chinese newspapers and over 700 secondary/primary schools and the education departments are using it. Covered 70% of school market, and to feedback with the needs of all ranges of schools, 《Founder Font 4.0》will provide the very special campus discount for teachers as well as students.

The Font Library has high compatibility. 《Founder Font 4.0》can match with different software like, Founder Fei-teng Integrated typesetting (方正飛騰)、Founder Integrated Typesetting for book publishing system (書版)、Founder Gallery Integrated Graphic Design system (畫苑) etc. User can select wanted fonts to install in accordance with the direct-viewing “typeface demonstration”. Besides, 《Founder Font 4.0》 can match with MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) and Adobe Photoshop CS as well. Moreover, user can directly regulate the fonts on the disc.《Founder Font 4.0》demonstrates the font by using the outline technology. It’s well-formed, stable, fast in processing and small in storage.
《Founder Font 4.0》Price:
Single user version HK$149


About Founder
Founder is the first in China to develop Chinese fonts and now the largest provider of Chinese fonts products. Founder Electronics is engaged in the development, production and sales of Chinese fonts and input. It can also provide specialized service like creating fonts for unusual characters and related software. Founder fonts are an integral part of Founder electronic publishing system. For many years Founder fonts have enjoyed fame in the industry for their abundant characters and fonts, high quality, wide applicability. They also have the advantages of being well-formed, stable, fast in processing and small in storage.

About Version 2 Limited
Version 2 Limited is one of the most dynamic IT companies in Asia. The Company develops and distributes IT products for Internet and IP-based networks, including communication systems, Internet software, security, network, and media products. Through an extensive network of channels, point of sales, resellers, and partnership companies, Version 2 Limited offers quality products and services which are highly acclaimed in the market. The Sales Network of Version 2 Limited includes Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, etc. Its customers cover a wide spectrum which includes 1000 global enterprises, regional listed companies, public utilities, Government, a vast number of successful SMEs, and consumers in various Asian cities.

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