Privacy Notice

Version 2 Limited eStore besides provides the shopping environment which the consumer facilitates, we also extremely take your right of privacy, therefore subscribes decides the related right of privacy protection statement. Please read the following related right of privacy protection content.
  • Information Collection
    1. When the user enters Version 2 LImited eStore related websites basically certainly does not need to input personal information, for example name or electronic mail address and so on. Only if you join as our eStore member, otherwise Version 2 Limited eStore cannot in the situation which the user does not know the circumstances of the matter, obtains the user information.
    2. Version 2 LImited eStore the correlation website can record the position site which on the user stands, as well as in website correlation data and so on browsing, but these materials only supply to take the current capacity analysis and the network behavior investigation, in order to improves this website the service quality.
    3. In certain situations, for example when the user request joins the member, the subscription electron newspaper, other services, or participates in other activities, Version 2 LImited eStore the correlation website possibly can request the user to register personal information, in order to the relation, completes the transaction, provides the service, or the processing subscription procedure; In this situation, Version 2 LImited eStore the correlation website has clearly informs duty of the user, if the user chooses does not receive any advertisement or the relation information, Version 2 Limited eStore completely will give to respect.
  • Information Use
    1. Version 2 Limited eStore and its the correlation website obtains individual material, all only supplies Version 2 Limited eStore the interior according to the original explanation use goal and the scope. Only if beforehand explained or defers to the Hong Kong related legal, otherwise Version 2 Limited eStore to cannot provide user's individual material for the third party or takes using of the other goal.
  • Cookie
    1. In order to convenient the user, Version 2 Limited eStore the partial website possibly can use the cookie technology, in order to provides suits the user individual need the service; Cookie is the website main engine uses for with the user browser to carry on the communication one kind of technology, it possibly stores up certain information in user's computer, but the user may by way of the browser hypothesis, cancel, or limits this function.
  • Security
    1. For safeguards your individual privacy and the security. Your personal information in Version 2 Limited eStore will be password protected.
    2. In the partial situations, Version 2 Limited eStore uses world most advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) the 128bit transmission encryption mechanism, safeguards during your material transmission.
  • The network links
    1. Version 2 Limited eStore and its the correlation website either the homepage all possibly contains other websites or homepage linking, does not belong to Version 2 Limited eStore regarding these the website or the homepage, no matter its content or the right of privacy policy, have nothing to do with with Version 2 Limited eStore.
  • Revises personal information
    1. Users individual material if has the change or discovered when individual material is not correct, may in the correlation website correct or the revision as necessary in Version 2 Limited eStore, contains the request to stop sending sends the electronic newspaper, the advertisement and so on the related news.

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