ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced (25 Users) + ActiveImage Protector Windows Server Edition (1 PC) - 3 Year
ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced (25 Users) + ActiveImage Protector Windows Server Edition (1 PC) - 3 Year

ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced (25 Users) + ActiveImage Protector Windows Server Edition (1 PC) - 3 Year

Available Countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau

Price (piece): HKD 22,900.00
HKD 16,900.00
You Save: HKD 6,000.00
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On top of ESET Endpoint Protection Standard, the Advanced version comes with the powerful Web Control, Firewall and Anti-Spam filter to provide additional layers of protection for your company network and your mobile workforce. For network security choose ESET, the pioneer of antivirus industry for 25 years.

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Provides robust Antivirus and Antispyware protection, whether your endpoints run Windows or OS X. Our award-winning Anti-Phishing engine protects sensitive company information such as usernames and passwords against fake websites. The other advanced technologies inside include Cloud-Powered Scanning, Device Control, and more.

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ESET NOD32® proactive technology optimized for mobile platforms delivers real-time protection to shield all applications and files. Anti-Phishing protects users from fake websites attempting to acquire passwords, banking data and other sensitive information. Application Control enforces Device Security policies, and controls which apps can be installed.

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Antivirus and Antispyware protection eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware. Advanced Memory Scanner monitors the behavior of malicious processes, while optional cloud-powered scanning  ensures even better performance and detection.

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ESET Endpoint Security delivers all the benefits of ESET Endpoint Antivirus, plus Two-Way Firewall, Web Control, Botnet Protection, and more. With this solution you have the option of installing either ESET Endpoint Security or ESET Endpoint Antivirus on individual endpoints, whether they run Windows or OS X, as you choose.

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Whether you are running Windows, Mac, or Linux endpoints, or even virtual machines and smartphones, you can manage company security from one point. Install security software remotely and get at-a-glance network security overviews.

Product features may vary depending on operating system.

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ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Website:


ActiveImage Protector Windows Server Edition

ActiveImage Protector is an affordable, high performance imaging backup and recovery solution optimized for Windows Servers and designed for today’s business needs. Easily protect your organization’s data while reducing storage requirements with integrated Smart Sector technology, Inline Data Deduplication Compression, and strong encryption. ActiveImage Protector reduces downtime and ensures critical information can be restored quickly.  


New Features
The new version of ActiveImage Protector is built with new GUI offering drastically improved user-friendliness in backup / restore operation of image files. The new ActiveImage Protector comes with 
ImageCenter LE, a Centralized Image Management tool for ActiveImage Protector, that offers scheduled offsite replication of base and incremental backup images files, and ImageBoot that can boot any ActiveImage Protector backup image as a virtual machine in minutes. Also, the new ActiveImage Protector provides Multi-Scheduling feature allowing to flexibly reschedule time-consuming tasks in off-peak hours enabling system administrators to more efficiently manage scheduling of backup tasks.The new version is able to restore multiple source images to multiple target disks in a single operation. Bootable bare metal GPT/uEFI system recovery is also available.

Inline Data Deduplication Compression
Improves compression and performance by excluding redundant blocks of data during the backup process.
Smart Sector Technology
Improves backup performance and reduces storage requirements by saving only disk sectors that are in use.
  Incremental Backups
Backup only the data that has changed since the last backup was performed.
Comes with ImageCenter LE
ImageCenter LE, a centralized image management tool installed on another server, offers scheduled offsite replication and consolidation of base and incremental backup image files. This greatly reduces resource demands on the source machine.
Comes with ImageBoot
ImageBoot boots a virtual machine directly from any ActiveImage Protector backup image file in a couple of minutes, bypassing the lengthy and cumbersome physical to virtual conversion process.
  Latest Windows Feature Support
Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.x, ReFS, GPT disks, and uEFI boot environments.

ActiveImage Protector Windows Server Edition Website:


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